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PatternPro Serial Data Test Instruments


Notice: The Picosecond PatternPro serial data test instruments are now the Tektronix PatternPro instruments. The most recent pattern generator product information may now be found on the Tektronix PatternPro pattern generator webpage. The most recent error detector product information may now be found on the Tektronix PatternPro error detector webpage. Quote requests should also now be made through the Tektronix website. If you have any questions regarding this transition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The PatternPro mission: Enable testing of the latest high-speed serial data standards by addressing critical configuration and cost issues.

The PatternPro product line is designed to meet emerging test needs at an affordable cost without compromising performance. This is accomplished in two ways. First, costs are addressed by separating major BERT functions such as pattern generation and error checking and eliminating unwanted features. Overall, this allows the end user to take more of an "a la carte" approach and select only the functions and features that their testing requires, thereby lowering equipment cost. It also enables greater flexibility to change test configurations to meet future needs.

Second, by offering multi-channel architectures such as a 4 Channel 32Gb/s programmable pattern generator and a 4 Channel 32Gb/s programmable error detector solution, users can for the first time afford equipment to fully test and verify performance for applications such as 100Gb/s Ethernet and DPQPSK systems (note, the same also applies to 4x10Gb/s testing with the PatternPro 4 Channel 16Gb/s PG and 4 Channel 16Gb/s ED solutions). This approach allows comprehensive functional testing as well as victim-aggressor cross talk characterization, both of which are critical at these high data rates.

PatternPro Products
Our Serial Data Generator (SDG) programmable pattern generators offer a wide range of capabilities. Maximum data rates for various SDG models range from 1.6Gb/s to 32Gb/s. Product line features highlights include a built-in clock source, programmable output, programmable data, multi-channel versions, built-in jitter insertion options, touch screen GUI, and USB TMC remote control.

Our Serial Data Analyzer (SDA) programmable error checkers are complete benchtop instruments with both a front panel touch screen GUI and a USB TMC computer control interface. Features include PRBS or user programmable data, automatic or manual alignment of input clock and data, and automatic pattern synchronization. Our Model 13020 32Gb/s programmable error checker makes an ideal companion for our Model 12072 32Gb/s programmable pattern generator (as does the Model 13010 16Gb/s ED with the Model 12055 16Gb/s PG). Additionally, the Model 13030 offers a 1 and 2 channel option for testing at 40Gb/s where early validation of transmitter functionality is critical.

Our BERT Systems combine the PatternPro SDG programmable pattern generators with the SDA programmable error detectors. Multi-channel configurations (1, 2, or 4 channels) and fully integrated bench-top instruments allow flexible configurations at both 16Gb/s and 32Gb/s. Simple instrument controls via either touch-screen GUI or USB TMC remote control make test system setup quick and simple.

PatternPro Solutions
The PatternPro line of products includes a wide range of serial data instruments, covering the latest serial data test needs such as 100G Ethernet and DQPSK applications. In addition, the PatternPro line includes a number of key features and capabilities such as multiple data channels, jitter insertion, pre-emphasis, and PAM (multi-level signaling).